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5 Common Myths About Digital Signs Debunked

5 Common Myths About Digital Signs Debunked

Digital signs have revolutionized the advertising world. It’s a highly accessible, cost-effective, and efficient way to market your business.

What’s holding you back from going digital? Are you worried about some of the rumors you hear about digital signs? This blog will debunk common digital sign myths to help put your mind at ease about investing.

Myth #1 - Minimal ROI and Audience Impact

Digital signs have made it much easier for businesses to reach their customers than they ever could with static signage. They can connect with potential clients on a broader scale than ever before. Brand messaging is clear, concise, and customizable with a digital sign.

You’re creating streamlined brand messages and advertisements. This streamlining allows you to easily convert a more significant number of viewers into sales while easily identifying your company’s target audience. You’ll see a substantial return on investment (ROI) and audience impact.

Myth #2- Only Used for Advertising

It’s incredibly common for businesses to use digital signs for advertising, but that’s not all they’re good for. Install a digital LED screen in the waiting room of your medical office. This allows patients to read up on procedures, products, and any upcoming events you’d like them to know about.

Restaurants can use them to display the menu. Guests can browse the menu while they wait for their table. A mechanic can use a digital sign to post wait times as individuals wait for their vehicles. These incredible machines have many uses.

Myth #3- Expensive Equipment

Digital signs are cost-effective ways to advertise your company. Gone are the days of hiring a technician to change out the advertisements every week. Now you’ll manage the content changes on the software. It’s that easy.

The ability to change and update content is vital. You can provide your customers and potential customers with the most up-to-date information. Digital signs are an affordable option and less expensive than traditional print advertising.

Myth #4- It’s Challenging To Manage

This may have been true when digital signs were first introduced, but not anymore. Static signs are no longer the way of advertising, and companies are saving money on marketing, turning to digital signage.

People understand how to manage digital signs better. Plus, they provide optimal control over advertising, allowing a business to change text and images instantly.

Myth #5- Modifying Content Is Difficult

The software may have been a challenge for team members to use initially, but people are becoming increasingly comfortable working with technology. Numerous technological advancements have simplified the process, making it easier to modify the content of your sign. Train a few employees, including yourself, on the process so that you can update the signs at a moment’s notice.

Now that we’ve debunked digital sign myths, it’s time to invest. True Tech offers affordable digital signage solutions for every business. We’re here to create the perfect sign for your business.

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