How are LED signs being used in different industries?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

How are LED signs being used in different industries?

Transportation – at airports, train stations and subways, digital displays inform travelers regarding schedules while also advertising relevant products and services.Educational environments – communicating with students, replacing bulletin boards and printed calendars, and playing an important role in the emergency alert system.Restaurants – streamlining the ordering process and allows customers to interact with electronic signs using their smart phones.

Hotels – providing guests with useful information about activities and services in and around the hotel and also providing way-finding information to guests.

What can I expect from an LED display?

It is agreed that the initial investment cost for LED Signage is quite high. However, there is plenty of research and calculations that show you how fast you can not only recover the investment cost but also increase your profits as a result of electronic signs. In fact, signs are proven to be the most effective and yet, least costly form of advertising methods for small businesses. Here is an example of a calculation that will show you how quickly you can get your ROI and see better profits.A car dealership is estimating a 5% increase in business as a result of the latest investment in a programmable LED sign. Profit margins on the sale of new cars range from 2 – 4%. So we will assume a 3% margin for a new car that costs $30,659 = $920 per car. The estimated increase in business means that if 60 cars are sold previously, the new sales figure would be 63. Therefore, monthly profits increase by $2,760. Hence, the investment of a LED sign can be covered in 3 to 6 months when you purchase your LED sign from True Tech Signs!Go to for more info and free quote!

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