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How To Choose the Right Size for Your Outdoor LED Sign

How To Choose the Right Size for Your Outdoor LED Sign

There are plenty of factors that go into choosing the right size outdoor sign. Despite what you may believe, bigger isn’t always better. Too large, and it could overpower the community. Drivers and people walking past won’t be able to read it. Too small, and you risk the sign becoming virtually invisible.

Use the below considerations to help you determine the right size for your outdoor LED sign. When investing in a marketing tool, you want to make the most of it.

Distance From the Road

How far back from the road are you planning to place the sign? This factor plays into the size of your LED sign. You want the potential customers driving by to be able to read your sign clearly. If it’s too small, nobody will be able to tell what you’re advertising or find the name of your business.

If you plan on the sign only displaying your logo or a few keywords, determine the needed size by factoring in the fact that the distance from the sign to the drivers should allow for five seconds of viewing time. The same goes for high-definition graphics or animation displayed on the LED sign.

Give the drivers enough time to read your sign as they drive by. They’ll miss essential information if it’s too far from the road.

Location, Location, Location

The location is one of the most important factors for choosing the right size outdoor LED sign. Are there any trees, wires, or buildings blocking the sign from view? What size will allow your display to stand out above the others?

Look at the potential location at night. Are there existing light sources that could affect your sign? For example, floodlights could wash out all the vibrancy and glow of an LED sign at night. No sign owner wants this! The effectiveness of the display won’t be the same.

The Amount of Content

The amount of content you want to display on your sign affects the size. Let’s imagine two signs that are identical in size. Both are at a distance of 150 feet. One of the displays has a 10-millimeter definition, and the other has a 20-millimeter definition. The company wants to display high-definition real-life photos on the sign.

When the audience is 150 feet away, the display on the signs will look the same, even when the 20mm has twice the number of pixels and definition. When the audience looks at the signs from 30 feet away, the 10mm will appear clear, and the 20mm will appear blurry.

Take time to decide what you will display on your LED sign. The size and resolution will affect the type of content you’d like on the sign. If you’re going for a simple text logo, you can get away with a smaller sign. Larger signs provide more flexibility to display different content, including images. A high-resolution sign will best show pictures.

Before you choose the size, select the content. Definition and distance are two variables to help you determine the best combination when creating your sign.

Definition or Pixel Pitch

You’ll discover various definitions, or pixel pitches, when choosing the right sign size. The definition is the measurement from the center of one pixel to the next. Therefore, the higher the pixel pitch, the more pixels the display will have.

A higher definition suits smaller sizes since it allows more vibrant use of the space. You can display photos and other images without worry. A larger size provides more flexibility with definition. If you’re on a budget, you can go for the bigger sign with a lower pixel pitch without sacrificing clarity.

The most commonly used definitions range from 6mm to 32mm. The optimal viewing pixel pitch for six to 10 millimeters is 15 feet. If your sign placement is further away, such as 150 feet, the optimum viewing definition is 26mm to 32mm. These are important considerations when determining your sign’s perfect size and pixel pitch.

Traffic Speed on the Street

What is the speed limit for the vehicles driving past your sign? Are cars usually going slower or faster than the limit? Since many businesses use double-sided LED signs for marketing purposes, the sign won’t do its job if people driving past can’t read it.

The speed limit is a good jumping-off point, although most drivers go faster than the posted limit. The flow of traffic will help determine how large your size should be, along with content choices and the sign’s definition. The faster the speed of traffic, the larger the sign.

For example, are the signs on the side of interstates larger or smaller than signs on rural roads? They’re larger, right? It allows the driver to view the entire display in the five seconds it takes to drive past. A sign of that magnitude on a rural street would be entirely too large. Drivers shouldn’t have to crane their necks to attempt to read a sign. The “five-second rule” means something different in the sign industry. Your audience should be able to read your sign in five seconds.

Local Laws and Zoning Regulations

All businesses must follow zoning regulations and other laws regulating outdoor signage. There could be laws regulating display brightness, height limitations, and other factors you’ll have to consider for your sign.

If you want an effective and compliant outdoor LED sign, your first step is to visit city hall to find out your local laws and regulations. You may have a specific idea that you must scrap because it doesn’t fit within the rules. Don’t wait to check with the city after you’ve planned your LED sign idea; check with them beforehand to avoid confusion.

Work with a flexible LED sign manufacturer and installer who will create the perfect display for you. True Tech has the expertise to create the ideal sign for your business. No one can match the vibrancy and attention to detail like True Tech. We’ll be with you through every step of the process, from choosing the right size to deciding what to display on the sign. LED signs are the key to top-notch advertising.

You’ll find True Tech’s customer service to be superb. We’re here to answer your questions and update you through every step. The eye-catching graphics will soon bring in more customers and have business booming. LED signs are a cost-effective way to grow your business. Call True Tech Signs today if you’re ready to invest in an eye-catching sign.

How To Choose the Right Size for Your Outdoor LED Sign

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