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Updated: Jan 9

Where to buy an led sign?

When your in the market for an led sign there is a few things to consider, #1 SIZE matters! In order for your customers to find you they have to see you first and True Tech Sign's can help you choose a size that is right for you and your budget, #2 Quality, with so many new signs out there today it can seem overwhelming with all their promises and claims it's a known fact that many of those companies will say anything to get your money and leave you high and dry when their system fails, At True Tech Sign's we stay with our customers form beginning and threw their business lifetime because we feel your business is important and the more our signs make your business stand out the more is helps True Tech Sign's stand out! #3 Price, when it comes to business money saved is money earned! Here at True Tech Signs we strive to keep our products priced competitively while saving our customers time and money without sacrificing quality, size, and pixel pitch. Go to for more info and free quote!

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