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At True Tech,  your business is our #1 priority.

Ready to join the millions of business switching to led screen?

Here at True Tech Signs we have realized that for retailers the competition from both online stores and those down the street is greater than ever at the same time the advertising landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years, away from old standards like newspapers, radio, and television toward interactive digital advertising like LED screens and LED lighting. The cost-effectiveness of digital signs also known as LED signs allow businesses to reduce advertising budgets while increasing the potential customer visibility by up to 75%. An LED business sign AKA Digital sign is a great tool for advertising your products and services to customers who might not be aware of them. Only True Tech Signs, the manufacturer and distributor can help you exceed your goals for your bottom line without breaking your pocketbook.





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LED Business Signs

How do we do it?

Here at True Tech Signs, we not only have digital signs for sale, we also manufacture them here at our own facility. By being the manufacturer of LED Signs, we cut out the middle man in turn Saving you the customer 40% to 70% over the other leading sign manufacturers in the country while still using the latest technology available on the market today. And back up our LED advertising signs and all our products with the best warranty and service guaranteed! 




Talk to us about your LED sign needs


Effective advertising is key!

  An LED screen offers an economical and profitable advertising tool for delivering messages to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. True Tech Signs are unmatched in responsiveness, ease of use and effectiveness. Compared with other mediums, our signs reduce production time and cost, and reach a much wider audience.

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Get Your business noticed with

HD outdoor led screens!


  • 16 trillion colors

  • Super bright LED pixels

  • Weather proof

  • Networked controlled

  • Easy user interface

  • Free software

LED business signs offer a vibrant, dynamic way to make your advertising come alive, with eye-catching graphics that grab the attention of passing traffic and pedestrians. A True Tech Sign gives your facility an updated look that is more than just an infrastructure improvement. Whether you have an upcoming event, a special giveaway, or lodging or dining specials to advertise, an LED sign is the most cost-effective and responsive way to communicate with your potential customers. 

Engineered & Assembled in the USA


True Tech Signs is the only call you need to make when you need a digital LED sign. We design and deliver solutions as large and complex as full color, all weather, contoured LED display systems,


  • Highest Quality Materials

  • Industry Leading Warranties

  • Lifetime Technical Support

  • Designed in USA and Assembled 

  • Made From Exclusive True Tech OEM Components

  • Fast Manufacturing and Production

  • Always on Time Delivery

  • Professional Installations

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Premier In-House Customer Support

  • Visit our facebook page!

Visit our facebook page!

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